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As If in the darkness(アズイフインザダークネス)




Vocal … mar

→ Hysteric de marge(鎖霧) → It(mar) → As If in the darkness

Guitar … 有希

It(サポート)(2006/10/04~)It(2007/01/31加入)As If in the darkness(幽鬼→有希)(2010/08/06脱退)[個人/状況不明]

Guitar …

As If in the darkness[個人/状況不明]

Bass …

CKroll(綾人)(2006/4/25脱退)エゴイスト(サポート/綾人) → ベビー(涼)(2008/10/27脱退)
As If in the darkness(サポート) → As If in the darkness(涼→亮)(2010/03/24加入) → (見たら死ぬ)(亮)、燭台(怪)(リョウ→船場吉兆)(2011/09/04加入、2012/08/05脱退)yazzmad(サポート/亮)(2012/04/08~)yazzmad(2012/12/08加入、2014/04/10脱退) → 市松人形師

Drums … Zumi

As If in the darkness(Zumi) → 白-shiro-(タカアキ→孝聡) → 白-shiro-、yazzmad(サポート/孝聡)→yazzmad(zumi)(2013/10/25加入)LIPHLICH(小林孝聡)(2016/01/24加入)


サポートBass …

→ Hysteric de marge → It → (Child Pray) → As If in the darkness(サポート)(2009/11/**~2009/12/20) → 引退

Bass … ゆきあ

As If in the darkness(2009/10/**脱退) → (てい☆おん) → Keith → (BANSHEE)、DOPES.(サポート)(2011/05/29~2011/12/03) → (BANSHEE)、LINCS(サポート)(2011/11/23~)TRA TRA TRA(サポート)(2016/08/04~)アゲハ!





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